A hair test measures the minerals in the hair tissue during the months in which the hair grew. It does not measure the total body load of any mineral, as some claim, however the hair mineral values do give us clues to the overall mineral and heavy metal status of a person. The hair test measures 21 elements: the macro-minerals, trace elements, and toxic metals. The readings of the mineral levels do provide some information for our analysis, but the bulk of information that we glean from the test comes from the ratios between the minerals and the patterns the minerals make. We test about 1 ¼ to 1 ½ inches of hair and this gives us a reading of the mineral deposition over the most recent 3-month period. This allows us to look at longer-term metabolic trends.

Hair Mineral Analysis is fast becoming one of the greatest tools in alternative medicine to gain access to the body chemisty trends, which tells us exactly what products you should be taking to improve your health and bio-chemistry – leading to less symptoms and greater vitaliity.

The Hair Mineral Analysis should only be interpreted by those who have had the proper training, not only in the testing science but also the healing protocols that follow.