It is our passion to educate people about how to gain true health and vitality; and stop symptom chasing by gaining a full understanding on how to heal all levels of your body, mond and spirit.
Energy dissorders, fatigue, mental illness and the onset of major disease, , is at an all-time high. In this toxic and busy world, we can teach you how to get better health and better immunity, so you are more equipped to deal with the onslaught of stress and toxins that exist in our current societies.
Our head consultant, Will Houghton has been at the forefront of hair mineral analysis interpretations since 2010. He is currently the most experienced and longest serving hair analysis consultant in the UK and Europe, and has dealt with clients from all backgrounds and nationalities.
Hair Mineral Analysis UK works not only with select individuals but with business's and corporations to encourage their staff to test their hair, understand their body chemistry and then implement the 7 STEPS TO HEALTH AND WELL BEING programme.