1Where is the hair tested?

We use ARL laboratory in Arizona. ARL are the world leders for hair analysis, no other lab compares in its accuracy or interpreation of results.

2How quickly do the results come back??

The results take 2-3 weeks on average. It can be as quick as 1.5 weeks sometimes. 

3Who are you guys?

The founder of Hair Mineral Analysis UK is Will Houghton. Will has worked since 2010 in the HTMA business and is the longest serving HTMA practitioner in the UK. Will has a small team in the UK - but he is on hand to help with you understanding your results if need be. 

4What will happen after I order?

Once you have ordered you will receive a email confirmation. This is then followed by,  an easy to follow, DIY, hair mineral analysis kit sent you in the post. You then take a hair sample, which is really easy, and send this off to our headquarters.  We will then contact you and send you documents and information about your results via email. 

5 Will I receive support?

The hair mineral analysis results alone are incredibly informatative. A practitioner will give you their brief summary also. You can get extra support by buying a practitioner upgrade.

6Can I have coloured or bleached hair and still do an accurate hair analysis tesy?

Yes, you can. We only ask that you have washed your hair a minium of 8 times since the treatment, then the results are not effected in any way. 

7Does the hair analysis tell me about food intollerances?

No, that hair analysis is different. We deal strictly with body chemistry via measuring toxins and minerals. This is way more useful in the long run for understanding your health. 

8Who do we work with?

We work with select individuals and the corporate world where buisness's offer our services to their staff as a well being protocol.