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18th July 2023

Coffee enemas

Coffee enemas are a huge part of the Mineral Method Program. In-fact my personal opinion is that many health conditions especially those affecting the liver , […]
18th July 2023

Mindset and Psychology

As you can imagine your mindset, personality, belief systems and more can and will play a huge role in your healing and happiness. Old toxic thought […]
18th July 2023


Now we are onto the lifestyle section of the program. I would say that lifestyle is up there at the same level as the diet when […]
18th July 2023


I don’t really need to explain how important water is. However, it is important to distinguish between good drinking water and not so good. In general, […]
18th July 2023


The diet in the NBP is arguably the most important part of the program. Compared to a typical western diet it is quite different, however once […]
18th July 2023

Preparation and what to expect

In this section, I want to briefly discuss some preparation needed for the program. This program is often different from what people expect in the mainstream […]
7th February 2023


Iodine is a crucial mineral that is often overlooked. It is essential in the thyroid gland for producing thyroid hormones and required by every tissue in […]
1st June 2022

Workaholic Pattern

A pattern on a hair mineral analysis in which the hair has not been washed at the laboratory that was not part of Dr. Eck’s original work we […]
1st June 2022

Trying too hard to stay afloat

An interesting pattern on a hair mineral analysis that has not been washed at the laboratory is called Trying To Stay Afloat.  The pattern is indicated by […]