12th August 2020


Phosphorus is a fascinating mineral.  It is considered a macromineral because our bodies contain a lot of it.  Other macrominerals are calcium, magnesium sodium, potassium and sulfur. Phosphorus […]
4th July 2020

Adrenal Stress

Adrenal stress pattern is an extreme adrenal gland reaction or fight-or-flight reaction.  In fact, any time the sodium level on a hair mineral analysis is over about […]
4th July 2020

Copper Toxicity Syndrome

Jane, age 25, has many classic symptoms of copper toxicity.  She has headaches, yeast infections, rashes, premenstrual tension, hair loss and acne.  She often has little or no […]
4th July 2020

Trauma Retracing

Releasing trauma can be traumatic.  This just means that as one retraces and removes a trauma, a person can go through healing reactions that are not always […]
4th July 2020

Trauma Release

Overcoming childhood or adulthood traumas is often difficult.  This article describes what traumas are, how they affect us, and a new method of trauma release that is […]
4th July 2020

Calcium Shell

Traumatized badly.The reason a person may be protecting himself or herself with an extreme calcium shell is because there was a severe physical or emotional trauma.  The […]
4th July 2020

Adrenal Burnout

INTRODUCTION Definition.  Adrenal burnout syndrome is underactivity of the adrenal glands.  There is depletion of nutrients required for adrenal activity.  Toxic metals replace some of these nutrients, so that just taking […]
4th July 2020

Pivots & Anchors

. INTRODUCTION One of the most important and remarkable aspects of a properly designed healing program is the amount and degree of improvement that occurs in […]
4th July 2020

Step Up & Step Down Patterns

INTRODUCTION Step up pattern on a hair tissue mineral biopsy is an EXTREMELY important indicator and a critical medical breakthrough.  We will make a bold statement that every adult […]