4th July 2020

Adrenal Burnout

INTRODUCTION Definition.  Adrenal burnout syndrome is underactivity of the adrenal glands.  There is depletion of nutrients required for adrenal activity.  Toxic metals replace some of these nutrients, so that just taking […]
4th July 2020

Pivots & Anchors

. INTRODUCTION One of the most important and remarkable aspects of a properly designed healing program is the amount and degree of improvement that occurs in […]
4th July 2020

Step Up & Step Down Patterns

INTRODUCTION Step up pattern on a hair tissue mineral biopsy is an EXTREMELY important indicator and a critical medical breakthrough.  We will make a bold statement that every adult […]
4th July 2020

Armoring Pattern

Definition.  Armoring pattern is defined as: 1. A retest pattern.  The pattern is found only on a retest hair mineral analysis in which the hair is not washed at the laboratory. 2. […]
4th July 2020


Introduction Sources Of Nickel How Nickel Affects The Body Symptoms of Nickel Toxicity Antagonists And Chelators Hair Mineral Analysis Notes Regarding Nickel Other Topics A “Child” Mineral Anthropomorphic Qualities Of Nickel Used By The Rogues To […]
4th July 2020


Cadmium is among the most toxic of the heavy metals.  It is a common metal found in cigarette smoke, tap water, coffee, some processed and refined foods […]
4th July 2020


INTRODUCTION Arsenic is a common toxic metal.  Many people have an excessive amount of arsenic in their bodies.  It is somewhat difficult to detect and often causes vague […]
4th July 2020


Mercury is among the most toxic elements known.  It is also the most common heavy metal on the earth today.  For this reason, we find that everyone has […]
4th July 2020


Lead is a highly toxic and interesting mineral that was discovered thousands of years ago.  It is still widely used in industry due to its unusual properties.  It […]


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