7th February 2023


Iodine is a crucial mineral that is often overlooked. It is essential in the thyroid gland for producing thyroid hormones and required by every tissue in […]
5th October 2022

Chronic fatigue syndrome and hair mineral analysis

Definition.  Chronic fatigue syndrome is a very common health condition throughout the world.  Its main feature is chronic and unrelenting fatigue that is not resolved by sleep, rest, […]
29th September 2022

Copper toxicity and hair mineral analysis

When in balance, copper is a wonderdul mineral. It provides ammunition for the immune system but also works wonders for many energetic systems in the body […]
28th September 2022

Adrenal burnout and hair mineral analysis

******************* I. INTRODUCTION Definition.  Adrenal burnout syndrome is underactivity of the adrenal glands.  There is depletion of nutrients required for adrenal activity.  Toxic metals replace some of these nutrients, so that […]
1st June 2022

Workaholic Pattern

A pattern on a hair mineral analysis in which the hair has not been washed at the laboratory that was not part of Dr. Eck’s original work we […]
1st June 2022

Trying too hard to stay afloat

An interesting pattern on a hair mineral analysis that has not been washed at the laboratory is called Trying To Stay Afloat.  The pattern is indicated by […]
1st June 2022

Stress from within and without

It is defined as a combination of sympathetic dominance pattern (low potassium) with spiritual defensiveness pattern (an elevated calcium/magnesium ratio).                   The pattern is seen in women […]
1st June 2022

Trying too hard

A fairly common hair analysis pattern I call ‘trying too hard’.  It is a combination of two simpler patterns, and this can help elaborate the meaning of the pattern.  The […]
7th May 2021


INTRODUCTION Calcium is one of the more plentiful elements in the body.  Most of it in the bones, teeth and nerves.  Most people do not ingest […]