11th May 2020

Almond flour bread – paleo/glutenfree/keto bread

EASY LOW CARB BREAD RECIPE We should all be avoid gluten more so, as its an inflammatory food, so here is a perfect way to cut […]
5th March 2020

The most amazing breakfast vegetable smoothie ever!

5th March 2020

The best vegetable smoothie ever!!

25th February 2020

Benefits of sardines – the ultimate superfood!!

 They are extremely healthy for the following reasons: Very high in omega-3 fatty acids. Everyone needs more omega-3 fatty acids in their diets due to the […]
22nd January 2020


Cauliflower comes in white (most well known) but it also has varieties of orange, green and purple. Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable and grows to be […]
26th September 2019

Does thymus tapping work?

Thymus tapping is one of those voodoo things that not many people would give credit to. But does it work?
26th September 2019

Is hair mineral analysis accurate?

One of the main 'go to' tests for alternative medicine is hair mineral analysis. So, how accurate is hair mineral analysis?
17th March 2019

How to detox metals gently

How do you detox copper and lead? What did I do and how did it feel?