Modern day society is brutal. 

Our bodies and brains are pushed to the limit daily, in so many ways. Most people dont realise this until its too late and the onset of mental and physical symptoms occurs. 

Below are some of the major issues with modern life:

  • emotional stress and unresolved core beliefs
  • toxins, chemicals, hormones and plastics in our food supply
  • emf radiation from devices and screens
  • fear based media 
  • lack of rest and relaxation
  • contant mental stimulation from devices

The above issues often lead to a variety of physical and mental problems in people of all ages.  After witnessinhg this trend in most clients that we dealt with, and their hair analysis patterns showing serious imbalance, we decided to create a programme to counter the negative effects of modern society. Hence, the 7 step programme came into life.

We created this programme so it is easy to understand and easy to follow. The 7 STEPS include:








It covers every aspect of what you need to be doing to stay balanced but also improve your physical and mental health overall. With our detailed programme comes a bespoke supplement programme and notes from a senior hair anlysis consultant, regarding the priorities and actions that you as an individual need to take. 

A 7 step programme can be bought as an upgrade from a standard hair mineral analysis. If you also ready a hair analysis and would you like to upgrade to a 7 step programme, then  please click here

If you however you need to take the first and step and purchase a hair mineral analysis test, then please click here.