What will a hair mineral analysis help me discover about myself?

  • mineral levels
  • heavy metal levels/toxicity
  • energy system
  • personality pattern
  • digestion levels
  • immunity function
  • endocrine function
  • stress levels
  • hormonal function
  • supplement recommendations
  • detailed text interpreation of graph

Why are we premium and what makes us the best?

Track your healing jouney

Not only can hair analysis usually explain your current symptoms, but hair analysis can also TRACK YOUR HEALING JOURNEY.

Whether you are making nutritional changes, doing detox protocols, acupuncture, massage therapy, counselling, or any other life change  – hair analysis can accurately track how your body chemistry responds to those changes, to show you whether the treatments are working or not! So many people waste money on healing modalities that dont suit them, or simply dont work. With hair analysis you can find out over time whether your body is responding well to those protocols.

Why are we different?

Many websites and labs sell cheaper hair analysis. This is usually different to our technology, as we use a scientific lab technology to measure minerals, where many hair analysis companies use energy testing machines (like vega machines), which are good for food allergy detection, but highly inaccurate for mineral status. Often leaving the client knowing a little about the dietary changes they need to make, and that’s about it. Our testing is designed to show you a snap shot you your entire body chemistry, which is going to be more expensive, but much more worth it.

We sell award winning, highly accurate body chemistry reports, that once received, can give you an insight into how to improve your health and your vitality.