Hair tissue mineral analysis or HTMA is a soft tissue mineral biopsy that uses hair as the sampling tissue.

The test measures the levels of 25 or more minerals in the hair with an accuracy of plus or minus 3%. This is about the same level of accuracy as most blood tests, or a little better.

Why measure minerals?

Minerals are sometimes called the ‘sparkplugs’ of the body.  They are needed for millions of enzymes as co-factors, facilitators, inhibitors and as part of the enzymes themselves.  As a result, they have a great deal to do with the health of our bodies.  By analyzing mineral imbalances in the body, we can learn a lot about the causes and correction of hundreds of common physical and mental health conditions.

A specific class of minerals, the toxic metals, are extremely important today due to a nutritionally depleted food supply and the presence of environmental toxicity almost everywhere on the planet.  Measuring toxic metals means we can monitor their spread and learn about their many damaging effects upon the bodies of human beings, animals, plants and other organisms.

Why use hair for measuring minerals?

  • Sampling is simple and non-invasive
  • Mineral levels in the hair are about ten times that of blood, making them easy to detect and measure accurately
  • Hair is a fairly rapidly growing tissue
  • The body often discharges toxic substances in the hair, since the hair will be cut off and lost to the body
  • Toxic metals are easier to detect in hair than blood.  They are not found in high concentrations in the blood except right after an acute exposure, but will tend to accumulate in soft tissue areas such as the hair, as the body tries to move them to locations where they will do less damage
  • Hair testing provides a long-term reading (approximately 3 months), while blood and urine tests provide a more immediate reading of the body at that moment
  • Hair testing is extremely cost-effective, accurate and reliable when performed well

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