Renemide – 90 tablets


  • Description

    Renamide is very useful in the release of heavy metals from the body. It contains kidney nucleo-proteins together with specific synergistic nutrients. Vitamin C helps to regain energy, Magnesium contributes to concentration performances and Manganese helps in the normal formation of tissues.


    Samenstelling per tablet

    Vitamine C (ascorbinezuur) 125 mg (2084% ADH), Magnesium (rijsteiwitchelaat) 5 mg (2% ADH), Mangaan (rijsteiwitchelaat) 1 mg (20% ADH), Runder nierextract 100 mg, Carbamide (als ureum) 200 mg, Uva Ursi blad extract 200 mg.

  • Additional information
    Weight 1.0 kg

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