3. Nail mineral analysis – 26 minerals and 15 heavy metals


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    If you don’t have enough hair, or you simply don’t want to cut any hair from the nape of your neck, then there is a solution – finger nail mineral analysis. The hair is easier to test for the laboratory, so is always preferable, but nails grow at roughly the same rate as the hair and they also lock minerals in the form of dead tissue into the cells of the nail, just like the hair, giving us a good reading of body chemistry activity.

    The report will indicate mineral deficiencies and metal toxicity and possibly reasons for symptoms. Dietary suggestions are also made in line with the findings with clear advice on how you may be able to heal yourself with dietary changes on your own.

    However the documents will also include a supplement program, if you want to go down that route, which you can show a practitioner or trained nutritionist, who can advise you further.

    You will receive:

    •a client report(less technical with no supplement advice)

    •dietary advice on how to improve your deficiencies

    •a practitioner report(for use of a nutritionist or natural doctor – more technical with supplement advice)

    •a practitioner supplement program (for the use of a nutritionist or natural doctor)

    •a 20 minute consultation time(for either you or your practitioner) either over the phone or email, to help you understand the results, as they can be quite technical

    Monitoring your progress is easy with a retest every 3 to 4 months to see how your health regime is working.

    Once you have ordered then a kit will be sent to you with full clear instructions on how to take the sample and how to send the kit to the lab.

    If you don’t already have a practitioner and would like to consult with us directly and become our client, please upgrade to a nutritional balancing program – this will provide you with a full program to cover and educate you on correct diet, full supplement program, detoxification and relaxation training. Our consultants are fully trained mineral analysis therapists to help you improve and regain health and vitality.

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