1. Adult hair mineral analysis and practitioner notes


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    Our hair mineral analysis testing and service is perfect for those who want extra help understanding the hair mineral analysis results and expert advice going forward – as most hair analysis labs do not offer human contact or interpretation – mostly computer generated reports which can be confusing and hard to interpret. This report will measure 26 major minerals and 15 major toxins and indicate any issues found.

    Along with your full Hair Mineral Analysis test and report from our leading laboratory, you will get a food supplement program, relaxation and meditation techniques, a bespoke diet and articles from leading hair analysis scientists/doctors relating to your results – to give you more of an understanding.  You will also receive a full healing program which will cover most aspects of your life and changes that possibly need to made, and discover where you could be going wrong.

    With our program we can try to safely and gently guide you to better heath and vitality. Our methods include educating our clients fully on their hair analysis results.

    You will receive:

    • a full hair analysis graph and report (length will depend on the amount of issues found), detailing the findings from measuring 26 major minerals and 15 toxic heavy metals in your hair
    • a healing programme document outlining changes that you could follow to help you lead a healthier life, mainly concentrating on lifestyle, stress, diet and rmeditation and relaxation.
    • an easy to understand summary written by your hair mineral analysis consultant on your results and the main findings(the reports themselves can be a bit complex to understand!!)
    • a dietary guide for you, advising how to make good changes to encourage healing
    • 15 mins email support
    • a supplement program compiled by a trained hair analysis  practitioner, which will hopefully assist your current health needs(usually around 5 types of supplements)

    **this program is not suitable if you are  pregnant or seriously ill. All information is provided on an advisory basis only and is designed for people with low level energy and vitality issues. If you are unsure if this program is suitable for you then please contact info@hairmineralanalysis.co.uk** please note that short email support is provided only due to the volume of tests processed.

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    Weight 25 kg



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