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3.. Child hair mineral analysis and healing programme(3-16 years)


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    This option is for young children and teenagers ages 3-16. The child & teen’s program includes:

    • A Hair Mineral Analysis test carried out by Analytical Research Labs in Phoenix, Arizona. 16 minerals and 5 toxins measured.
    • A full report from the laboratory based on the Hair Mineral Analysis test results and outlining key findings in areas such as carbohydrate tolerance, protein synthesis, vitality levels, digestive abilities, and toxic metal status
    • A diet and supplement program – this report will be put together based upon the symptom sheets that you fill out.  It will include your program that will be put together by Dr L Wilson which includes specific diet, supplement and lifestyle advice plus any reading material that is relevant to you
    • Practitioner notes on your child’s results – to give you as a parent a much clearer understanding on the results
    • 30  minutes of support via email.
    • the chance to retest every 4 months to monitor his or hers progress


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    Weight 25 kg
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    1. admin
      5 out of 5

      This report was crucial in finding out what vitamin and mineral our son needed to make progress. These tests are not designed to be stand alone though and other factors were useful in making progress.

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