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Pet hair mineral analysis with supplement programme


  • Description

    Many animals, including house hold pets are extremely unhealthy these days, with deficiencies and toxicity of metals. This can lead to lots of uncomfortable symptoms for your pet.

    Hair mineral analysis will provide you with a simple graph outling your pets body chemistry. From that graph we can provide general diet advice for your pet along with a 4 supplement program.

    Your have the ability to retest every 4 months to track your pets progress and ongoing advice from our consultants.

    The sample is easy to take and can be done at home – the kit is then sent to our lab from analysis, with the results and program being sent to you via email approximately 2 weeks later.

    Currently, we offer:

    • horse hair mineral analysis
    • dog hair mineral analysis
    • cat hair mineral analysis
    • cow hair mineral analysis


  • Additional information
    Weight 25 kg

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