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Acidophilus Enteric – 90


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    Acidophilus Enteric is an enteric coated capsule containing specially selected strains of lactobacillus acidophilus and lactobacillus casel subp rhamnosus in a base of maltodextrin. Acidophilus Enteric contains no milk, whey, soy, corn, wheat, yeast, or preservatives and is hypoallergenic. This product should be refrigerated to maintain maximum potency.

    One Capsule Contains Amount Per
    % Daily
    Lactobacillus acidophilus/lactobacillus casei subsp. rhamnosus 280 mg *
    Each capsule contains 2.8 billion live organisms. Special coating allows the capsule to pass through the stomach acid before releasing its contents into the intestinal tract.

    Suggested Use: One capsule daily, or as directed by a physician. Acidophilus should be taken on an empty stomach; first thing in the morning and one hour before each meal.
    How Supplied: Bottles of 90 vegetable capsules.
    * Daily value not established

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