Don’t go it alone when help is at your fingertips. We can use your hair test results to build a bespoke mineral balancing program for you.

Balanced minerals can mean better health and well-being. Our consultants will interpret your test results for you, find out more about your background health and lifestyle, and build a healing program specific to your needs.

The program consists of 7 ‘pillars’ to be followed. You can set the pace, choosing to do to all of the guidelines, or start with a few. In our experience though, the more a person follows the advice, the sooner progress is made.

What will I get if I buy a mineral balancing program?

  • A bespoke diet – what foods to eat / avoid to suit your metabolic rate and body chemistry
  • A bespoke vitamin and mineral supplement program
  • An assessment of the activity and cellular effect of your adrenal and thyroid
  • A greater understanding of why your body chemistry may be causing you unpleasant symptoms
  • Clear detox advice to help eliminate toxic metals and chemicals
  • Instruction and support in how to meditate effectively; to help avoid excessive thinking and discover what may be holding you back
  • The ability to use repeat testing every 4 months to track changes and improvements, gaining feedback  and further advice from a consultant each time

What can I hope to gain from following a mineral balancing program?

  • Help correcting mineral imbalances that lead to a host of unwanted mental and physical symptoms
  • Greater energy and vitality
  • Your ideal weight
  • A strengthened immune system
  • Improved mental alertness

To get started click on the link below. Once you have ordered we will be in touch via email to send you the relevant forms and information.



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