It is our passion to teach the public about how to gain true health and vitality; about how to stop symptom-chasing and get to the root of their health issues, holistically.

Burnout, adrenal fatigue and the onset of major disease, such as cancer, is at an all-time high. In this crazy, busy and toxic world, we can help guide you to better health and better immunity, so you are stronger and more resilient to the constant bombardment of pollutants facing your body and mind.

The founders of Hair Analysis UK spent 5 years training in Hair Mineral Analysis science before offering it to the public. Their consultants are also trained Naturopathic Nutritional Advisors and mindfulness meditation teachers. Together, this knowledge forms a very powerful combination in promoting natural healing and can be used, either directly by the public, or by a therapist for their clients. We provide the test and report, and through our consultations can offer further information and analysis on how each individual can find balance and maintain or regain health.




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Disclaimer- Nutritional Balancing Science and Hair Mineral Analysis are not intended as diagnosis, treatment or cure for any diseases and are not intended to substitute for standard medical care. Whole Balance Ltd is certified in Nutritional Balancing Science only. Whole Balance Ltd offers Nutritional and well being advice only and is not registered with any body or federation. All information and correspondence is for educational purposes only.