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Feeling stressed? Tired and depleted, no matter how well you sleep? Or suffer with anxiety, depression or IBS? Before you reach for the pill bottle to treat the symptoms, think about looking inside your body at what may be causing these ill-effects. Get to understand the root cause, by using Hair Mineral Analysis.

What is a hair mineral analysis test?

A Hair Mineral Analysis test will show the balance of 26 minerals (like calcium and zinc) in your body, and highlight the presence of 15 toxic metals (like arsenic or lead) . The report will show potential issues, such as deficiencies in minerals that are vital to make you feel well, and also show possible toxicity of heavy metals (like mercury or lead), which can cause an array of symptoms, ill health and low energy.

The balance of minerals in your body is essential to how you feel. If it is out of sync, you too will feel out of step. Once you know where the problem lies internally, you can take steps to fix it through changes to diet, lifestyle and the addition of mineral and vitamin supplements, if needed.

Used by the World Health Organisation and British Medical Journal as a way to test for minerals and toxic metals, Hair Mineral Analysis could be your way to begin a new healthier, happier chapter in your life.

Do I need to take vitamin supplements?

Good question! It’s baffling as there are so many food supplements on the market – of varying quality – and nobody really knows which ones they need. Even a trained nutritional practitioner will often guess types and dosages, hoping for improvement in their client. However, with a hair mineral analysis test we can work out fairly accurately what you need to be taking in terms of vitamins and minerals. Even so, for some of our clients, they prefer to leave out supplements altogether and just progress with the lifestyle, dietary and detox advice, also indicated by the test, to effect change in their body chemistry and hopefully alleviate symptoms. With any supplement program we provide, if you are taking medication already prescribed, we would ask that you run our recommendations past your GP.

What will a hair mineral analysis tell me about myself?

The hair mineral analysis test will indicate the condition of your body chemistry, giving indicators of your stress levels, stress tolerance, energy production, immune system, vitality, digestion function, adrenal and thyroid function, your metabolism, mineral deficiencies and metal toxicity levels, over a three-month period. Not bad for one cost-effective test.

How do I take a hair mineral analysis sample – is it difficult?

No, taking a hair mineral analysis sample is easy! Once you have ordered from our site we will send you a kit in the post and an email explaining everything you need to do. The hair mineral analysis sample procedure is simply to cut off approximately 1 inch of hair at the root and send it to the laboratory.  You will then receive a hair mineral analysis uk report from us around 2 weeks from the date you send the hair sample. Watch a short video on taking a hair mineral analysis sample.

How easy will it be for me to understand?

Most hair mineral analysis reports are computer-generated and hard to understand but our reports come with an easy to understand client report and a breakdown summary of your results from a trained HMA practitioner – our founder is actually one of the most experienced practitioners in the country. You will also receive a suggested supplement program that you can pass onto a nutritionist or doctor for further advice.

What conditions could the test help me identify and rectify?

Nearly any condition can be helped by gaining stronger vitality, something which can often have suffered due to mineral deficiency or metal toxicity. With the right advice, both deficiencies and toxicity may be healed over time, so helping with general health and well-being. Below, however, is a particular list of ailments – which seem to be at epidemic levels in our society – that a hair analysis could help identify the cause:

  • Low energy
  • Feeling below par
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Racing Thoughts
  • Skin Problems
  • Adrenal / thyroid Issues
  • Hair loss
  • Generally feeling unwell

How do I order?

Just click below to order. There are a selection of tests – for adults, children and also animals. If you are confused about which test to order then please email us through the contact page.

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Please see below for an example of our hair analysis reports.
All our reports come with an interpretation of your results by the laboratory. Add a Mineral Balancing Program to your hair analysis and you will get a supplement program, dietary, detox and lifestyle advice tailored specifically to YOUR needs and to balance YOUR body chemistry.


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